Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You think im from where?? Tunisia??

Had the opportunity to go out a couple weeks ago and since I am now living in a flat in Kungsholmen, i thought why not do what the locals do and go to a place called Lemon bar (click the photo for a writeup on the place).

The place has been known to be a meat market and besides being very crowded and hot (as they cannot installed AC becuase its going to cost them 500,000 SEK according to the guards), they also play some of my favorite music: Schalger!

Well this time i was there on a thursday and this is decidedly an older hangout with most people showing up on a friday or saturday. On walking around the bar i ended up chatting to 2 girls whos first question was of course 'Where are you from?'. I have gotten somewhat tired of this question by now but I do like to make a bit of a game with answering it. My first response was China (dont look anything chineese at all by the way). They didnt buy that one so I decided to up the stakes.

I told them that if they were able to guess my country correctly, I would purchase them both something to drink, and conversely if they got it wrong they would get me something, kinda like 2 to 1 odds, quite a good deal.

They went to work, debating amonst themselves in Swedish about where in the world i could possibly be from. Now to the untrained ear, my accent can sound somewhat American and this is the answer i typically get whenever i ask people what they think as i was in this situation. After a couple minutes of deliberating, the blonde one turned to me.

She gave me a razor sharp stare, bit her lower lip, and then then widened her eyes and pronounced with confidence: We think you are from Tunisia!

After comprehending what had been said (I admit, it took me a few seconds as it was so unexpected) I replied in disbelief: 'Tunisia???, is that some country in Africa??, What made you think that??'. Her reply was that it was because i spoke such good English that i must have been from Tunisia.

Never mind the other 100 or so countries i would have guessed ahead of Tunisia that spoke english. And wait, I met with some friends a few days after this and after a thoroughly enjoyable retelling of the story, they told me that this couple was in fact there last year.

Its a french country! They speak french in tunisia!

That was the icing on the cake.

The swedish word of the day is: 'otroligt' which means incredible.

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