Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love Ikea and Blocket

Well if you are a reader of my blog, you will know a couple things, first, i have not really written in my blog for almost a year (sorry all you divoted readers) and secondly I have just purchased a flat here in Stockholm on the beautiful and central island of Kungsholmen.

Some Statistics for you:

3 min walk from Central Station
4 min walk from Stadshuset (City hall)
3 min walk from the beach 10 min if you want to go to Rålis (a nice park here)
20 min walk from Medborgarplatsen
15 min walk from Stureplan

I think you get the idea....

With the proximity to everything, I can even overlook the fact that ill have to invest about 15,000 Euros in order to add a proper bathroom (with a shower which is currently missing) and redo the kitchen so it doesn't feel like Alcatraz when preparing my extravagant culinary creations on a daily basis.

It's kinda exciting to have somewhat of a blank slate to work with, making the apartment my own. I do own property in Canada but ironically I have never lived in anything I own there due to timing and moving to Sweden. This will be the first time.

For those of you in my situation, never forget how great Blocket can be. I was able to get the basics in my place for almost just the cost of hiring transport. Most of the time, brand new goods or almost never used. You have to dedicate some time to staying on the net to keep checking for new bargains but if you're on a tight budget like i was when i first moved, it can be a savior.

Ikea has also been great. Im about 10 min walk from the free bus that goes to Ikea every hour on all weekdays. They take you there, you shop till your content, grab a few free hotdogs on your way out and they even take you back all at no charge. What a fantastic service. The bus is even of higher quality then the city buses here in Stockholm. I would say its more of a long distance Coach experience with AC and Free Internet on the way. Could it get any better?

The Swedish word of the day is: 'snål men duktig' which means cheap but smart

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