Monday, August 15, 2011

Swedish governments mind control techniques

Its true, the swedish governments controls its' population through mind control. Ok maybe not by hypnotizing the swedish population by using TV 1 and 2 (although one would think that would be a better use of those channels instead of broadcasting some of the programming they do).

No, the government has figured out a way to control the Swedish habits such as eating, drinking, and other activities through taxation. When you come to Swede, one thing you notice immediately is that a very high majority of the population is in great shape, with a high percentage that one could call fit or toned or buff.

I try to make it out to gym as much as possible however in Canada there was never much incentive to do so. For example, here in Sweden, your employer will provide you with funds to get a gym membership but if you dig a bit deeper you will see that its actuallyt he government that provides these funds to your employer who in turn passes this onto you.

Bad food is taxed. A McDonalds big mac meal costs 10 bucks here, compared to the $3.99 in Canada. Where is that other 6 dollars going? Granted wages are higher here too with the average McDonalds employee making 13 bucks an hour but the truth of the matter is its all going to taxes. The truth of the mater is however that one could purchase a normal healthy meal for the same price as an unhealthy McDonalds meal here in Sweden.

Alcohol is the same and the stronger the spirits the higher the taxes that follow. Your average horrible beer will be about 1 euro with a high of up to 2 euros for a finer brew or with a higher alcohol content in the beer. Hard alcohol is taxed the most with prices a little over double what they cost in Canada. How ironic i can pruchase a bottle of Swedens famous Absolut Vodka for half the price in Canada.

So we have two basis covered, a fatty food tax, an alcohol tax, whats left? Oh yes a transportation tax!

I decided about a year ago that I was going to import my vehicle here to Sweden. It's a fairly nice car and it was just sitting in Canada all lonely wanting someone to drive it. Well once getting it over here, (paying 35% tax on the value of the car to bring it in) I had to insure it. What an unpleasant surprise when I discovered it would cost me about 10x the amount to insure my vehicle as a comparable vehicle here in Sweden. Seems that with the engine was a bit larger and it had a few more ponies under the hood was good reason to do so here.

There is also a tax on even using your vehicle inside the Stockholm city center during the weekdays which is equivalent to a congestion tax of sorts. Its based on time of entry/exit and can add up quickly if you live outside the center.

Basically the government wants you to use public transport, your bike, moped or some other means of transport instead of polluting vehicles. The cities here are designed not to need to have a vehicle with the great public transportation between all points of interest. Canada definitely could learn a thing or two about this.

Why is there no high speed rail between Edmonton and Calgary as of yet?

Its something that's been needed for decades and been delayed and overlooked by the province with the help of lobbyists (whom i assume work for the airlines)

Ultimately the government here controls you in the only way that actually works: your wallet. You can live in the lagom swedish way and do like everyone else or you can stand out and forge your own path (very unswedish).

The swedish word of the day is 'trängselskatt' which means congestion tax


  1. The Swedes are some of the most contolled people I've ever met. In Sweden Big Brother really is watching you, and if you step out of line, woe betide.

  2. Rofl at the above have never been to the UK or China then!

    1. China is a communist country, so that makes sense. Sweden is supposedly a democracy