Saturday, October 10, 2009

Backdoor entry for Non-EU immigrants into Sweden

(Note: since this article was started, things have changed a lot in Sweden for non EU people that are interested in studying here, they have now introduced tuition fees comparable to those in the USA or Canada. The enrollment has dropped dramatically accordingly, I feel that this is for the best as it will ensure that those that come here now are interested in actually studying)

  1. Make the classes accessable to as many students as possible to maximize enrollment
  2. It is in the best interest of these schools to ensure that students pass their classes
  3. If due to poor teaching or improper testing, several students dont pass the couse, reduce the required level of knowledge to pass the course on follow up examinations
  4. Profit! (at the expense of the taxpayer)

OK, so you have the students from foreign countries enrolled in your classes, and you want to make sure that you pass as many as possible but at the same time you have to comply with various standards commissions ensuring a minimum quality level of education is being provided in order for the degrees to be accepted thoughout europe.

All countries in the world have conditions that are enforced in order to control the tide emigrants that want to immigrate into yours. Generally these policies work quite well having been developed over many years and the list of loopholes is for the most part nonexistent. One interesting development I have noticed here in Sweden is that the system has one major and glaring loophole.

The loophole involves giving people from any country in the world outside the EU to apply as an international masters student in Sweden thereby being granted an automatic 2 year uppehållstillstånd or Residence Permit on the grounds of studying in Sweden. Not so exciting as Canada has this too however here in Sweden neither the School system, nor the government keeps track of your progress in the School system and on top of that, cours finals can be failed and taken again as many times as you want with no adverse effect on your transcript. You could take a final 10 times and only your highest grade out of these 10 will appear on your permanent record. Does that seem fair to the person that passed the course on their first try? would you want to hire the person that took 10x as long to pass a course as someone that passed it on their first go?

Ok, what does this all mean?

More and more the government is spreading propaganda that the Swedish language is not required in order to get a job in Sweden . How can any Swede in the world agree with that statement? What would Canadians think if the government started to tell them that French or English was not required to get a job in Canada, how would that go over with the population? Its the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard.

Recently, I went though an interview conducted by a recruiter. The recruiter expected me to Speak in Swedish during the interview (i fully agree with that) and as such for the first 40 min or so of the 1 hour interview I did just that. I would say that doing an interview in Swedish is many times harder then must making small talk. I also was told that I was better then i thought I was in swedish however after 40 min she told me that she wanted to get a feel for my personality so switched to english. Of course trying to express your personality in another language is the ultimate test of whether or not you have mastered it. Im not there yet but im not done trying either.

My point is that Swedes seem to be embarrest about being Swedish and dont understand the value of their strong heritage and historical significance. In some ways, Swedes seem to be much too willing to bend over backwards for others when it should in fact be the other way around, remember, its not a Swede coming to Canada, its a Canadian coming to Sweden to work. Let me tell you, Canada would do no bending whatsoever if a Swede tried to come to Canada, if you didnt speak english or have some skills we needed, chances are we dont want you. Swedes dont seem to be very patriotic and the majority of flags you see here will be on boats or at the city hall. For some reason Swedes have confused patriotism with racism or being racist to those that are not Swedish.

The Swedish word of the day is: 'fosterländsk' which means Patriotic

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