Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Swedish Girls: Smile and Wave

Another weekend and out to the nightclubs.  Some people here are judicious in never going out to the nightclubs on a friday or saturday, referring to those that do as kiddies.  This is correct to a point as it is the majority of those whom are in school or nine to fivers that go out during this time as well.  Those that go out from Sunday to Thursday are likely to experience less waiting in lineups, less rude guards at the door and generally have a better time having fun out instead of waiting to have fun.  I learned about this first hand a few months ago when i uncharacteristically went out on a thursday.  One of my local hang outs with a friend and when i looked across the bar i saw an amazing female specimen.  

Without really thinking about it i proceeded to just smile and wave, what's the worst that could have happened? Well its been a while since i tried the smile and wave approach as normally the night clubs are packed to the brim by the time you get in and with the music loud enough to shake your brain you cant exactly have a conversation with anyone either.   A bit of confidence and a smile is all one really needs to approach any lady i would guess.  If you are ever here in Sweden, try going out when its not a weekend and try this simple approach, it will more then likely at least get a conversation started....or in my case get you making out with the girl within 10 min of meeting her...

What a refreshing change this was, i proceeded to go over to this girl, whom we shall call Mindy, struck up a conversation while my wing-man was talking with her friend.  What a refreshing change to the typical friday or saturday night routine.

The Swedish word of the day is Veckoslut which means Weekend (but noone uses this word).

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