Monday, March 24, 2008

Glad Påsk Alla!

Its that time of year again! Easter or Påsk in Swedish is a national event garnering not 2 but 2 and a half days off! Work tends to end around noon on the thursday and most people begin their Påsk festivities early.

Påsk is the remembrance of the death of Jeasus, and a day of soul searching and reflection on this monumental point in history. Of course along with the remembrance, tends to come a lot of Stockholmites going out and painting the town Red.

This long weekend is an excuse for several party goers to celebrate for 4 days in a row, finally relaxing on the monday to prepare themselves for the coming week or work ahead.

One thing that I found interesting when first getting here was how the transportation system functioned so well with so much regularity. Of course along with that it also tends to dictate peoples night time activities being that during the week, the T-bana only runs till about 1am. This is inceased to 4am on friday and saturdays and as such the party tends to continue till the wee hours of the morning.

Taking the T-bana is much preferred to the bus system even though night buses do function all throughout the night granted with much less regularity and clarity as where exactly one should wait for their bus.

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